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I bake therefore I am

Despite the dozen or so media clippings and various accolades framed and displayed across the bakery’s floral wallpaper, Smalls says some press, mostly from 2001, when he opened Lee Lee's Baked Goods hasn’t given him a “big head.” For Mr. Lee Lee, it’s just about the baking.


Reviews are one thing, and we've got some top favourites in Yelp and Trip Advisor, but in joining our FORUM, your love and devotion stays right here, in our new home-- we've built some spaces for us to have conversations with sop have a look around.


Share any stories about gifting our rugelach or a smile Lee Lee's baked goods put on your face-- or that of a loved one's...we want all your tales. Also, if you've actually been inside our Harlem bakery, your photo belongs in our gallery, don't you think?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the Members's Icon on the top right. Or head straight to FORUM

  2. Introduce yourself, Ask a question, Create a post or Look around for a safe space to pledge your undying love and devotion to us and our rugelach (Ok, ok, maybe that's a tad OTT)

  3. Click on the Members Icon

  4. CyourllCow button

  5. Enhance your profile and start engaging with the world that loves dessert as much as you!


Do you have a contribution to Joys of Baking? A recipe, perhaps? An attempt to make ruglelach at home (Successful or otherwise)?

Answer just three questions for us and the best thoughtful answers win a tasty treat! We pick 5 Top Contributors a month and we'll get Mr. Lee Lee to sign your next rugelach order himself!


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