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Why gifting rugelachs could be the best gratitude gift ever

Give our legendary rugelachs to someone you love, whether they love it already, or if you're the one in love with it, and chances are high that THEY will love it. Either way, it's Win-Win.

It’s that time of the year that people start to think about gift giving

But really, any time of the year is a good time to gift someone. Scientific research suggests that giving creates a warm feeling for not only the receiver, but also for the giver as well. It makes everyone feel good, so it’s a win-win situation.

Christmas isn’t the only season when we can consider a small gift for a friend, loved one or even a valuable co-worker. There are birthdays, congratulations, I’m sorry, get well soon or even just “I am thinking of you”.

But the choice of what to give can often be fraught with peril. Unless you know someone really well, and perhaps even more so if you do, choosing something unique isn’t all that easy

What about flowers? Certainly. But wait...

“Flowers” one might think...after all, “everyone loves flowers”. But this choice of offering is occasionally far from the best answer.

1) They have usually perished or wilted within days of reception, and 2) It is way too easy for someone to misconstrue the meaning behind said flowers.

“Does he or she have designs on me?” "...But what are they trying to say?” might be a typical (albeit errant) thought by the receiver of flowers. The sender might have completely innocent intentions, as may the receiver, but you never know.

Not so with food, especially something sweet.

Food is the greatest most epic happy gift. It’s pretty hard to get it wrong with food. Fruit is an idea, but you never know what the quality will be. Maybe it is unripe or possibly on the edge of its use by date. Thing is though, unless you know that they love mangoes (or whatever fruit you choose), then it’s impossible to know if they’ll enjoy it.

Pastries, on the other hand, are almost always appreciated. But who can you turn to that you trust to deliver tasty and fresh treats? Well, located in Manhattan, way up in Harlem is a place called Lee Lee’s bakery. Started in 1988, this little bakery has been producing some of the best Rugelach in the nation. Not just any rugelach, but proper gourmet Rugelach. And the best part is that they deliver almost anywhere in the country in a matter of days. Gift idea maybe?

I know what you are saying. What is Rugelach? Well, Rugelach is a filled pastry cookie that originated in the Jewish communities of Poland. However, these yummy flaky stuffed treats are perfect for everyone.

Why would anyone give a predominantly jewish treat as a gift? Because over time these precious little dough creations have long since moved into the realm of being a ‘treat for everyone’ - no matter your faith or creed.

Then there is the fact that Alvin Lee Smalls has been making Rugelach for over 30 years. And they have become pretty famous all over the world. It is the kind of place you must visit if you go to New York, but why wait? You can order online and be enjoying this tasty snack with a coffee or tea in a couple of days. Gift idea maybe?

Go on, do a quick google search for Lee Lee’s Bakery Harlem. You’ll know in a minute that I’m telling the truth. So, as I see it, you owe me one. I have sorted at least three gifts for you.

My favourite quote ever (until I find my next best quote)

"...But the only transcendent unleavened rugelach I’ve found are made in Harlem by a baker named Alvin (Lee Lee) Smalls."

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