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  • What's the Nutritional Info on Rugelach?
    If considering calorie counts, food allergies and having a sweet treat, all nutritional info for rugelach are here :
  • What are the shipping options?
    We mix and bake fresh daily and your order is guaranteed to be hand-prepared the day it ships. Order Rugelach Online For Curbside Pickup, Local Delivery or via 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail Across the Continental US NON-RUGELACH ITEMS CALL: (917) 493-6633 Local delivery anywhere in Manhattan only. USPS delivery for all other locations | Local delivery window is 6-9pm every day.
  • Who is the Founder of Lee Lee's Baked Goods?
    IN 1964 ALVIN LEE SMALLS, A SOUTH CAROLINA NATIVE WHO HAD RECENTLY MOVED TO NEW YORK was working in the bakery of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. While browsing a newspaper one day, he came across a recipe for rugelach. Smalls loved baking, and would often practice at home. He didn’t see the dessert as a traditional Jewish treat but rather as an opportunity to make something delicious. He made a batch of rugelach based on the recipe, and after experimenting for six months, Smalls finally perfected his own version of the unique pastry, leading to the beginning of a cross-cultural legend in the Village of Harlem. SMALLS, A.K.A. MR. LEE HAS SOLD HIS RUGELACH IN HARLEM, NEW YORK FOR OVER 34 YEARS. Despite being a traditionally black neighborhood, the Jewish pastry became hugely popular. Before long, Mr Lee's rugelach had become a neighborhood institution. Smalls operates Lee Lee’s Baked Goods on W. 118th Street, and the business continues to grow and expand. Lee Lee’s has been featured in a number of publications, including the New York Times, New York Daily News and local TV news affiliate ABC7, as well as countless blogs. SMALLS HAS BECOME A LOCAL LEGEND. LEE LEE'S RUGELACH IS HANDMADE USING ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS. Smalls embraces the Jewish heritage of his famous creation and Lee Lee's rugelach is available nationwide. The popularity of Lee Lee’s rugelach has led to a standalone brand, which features not only his world famous rugelach, but also a splendid variety of other signature pastries.
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